War In My Mind (eng)

Beth Hart

2019, Mascot Label Group/Provogue

Blues Rock

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In life, everything comes back, make amends and starts over, and an artist as Beth Hart knows how much the life, after all, is a climb to the top of the emotions, and then a descent in the chasm of loneliness; And when you believe to have found an oasis of peace, keeping that status quo is your business, only yours. War In My Mind contains fourteen pieces and not every one of them is memorable, it’s true, but they are hers. Beth Hart, with her unmistakable voice, belongs to herself even in that songs with a too pop sound.

The album starts with “Bad Woman Blues”, an hymn to a crazy femininity, where Beth remark to be a strong woman reaffirming to don’t want to be a good girl because the good girls are the one that stands at the place of the mothers for the husbands, devoted women that always ready to straighten up the crooked paintings and make everything alright for protect the appearances. But the good girls always lose. So, better be a bad woman blues because she is capable to lift up with head held high; as shows in War In My Mind, a piece that doesn’t come fast, it needs of a second listening for penetrating inside the soul with its message covered by the sweet notes of the piano. It is more beautiful than you can aspect: the piano and the Beth voice here are in a contrast which seems like more an interior fight of feelings but talks about the deep pain of a woman who suffers being at the same time consciousness of her own errors. In this song, Beth has inscribed a catharsis a little bit religious, in a way really blues.

Inside the album we can find some tracks less noteworthy like “Try A Little Harder”, “Rub Me For Luck”, “I Need A Hero” and “Let It Grow” for example which seem like a little gospel sometimes melancholic and then it becomes a rock pop of the nineties, to us remain to realize that seed will not grow up. The sonority muted and direct to a large audience are probably owing to production’s choices; Beth Hart in this album is collaborating with a big shot, one of the presidents of the label Warner Bros: Rob Cavallo. He had produced in his career Avril Lavigne, the Green Day and Goo Goo Dolls. To him is due the fault to make the Beth’s blues easy listening as shows “Without Words In The Way”, a smooth jazz which talks about the emptiness, the lack, the nothingness and the absence of the words, muffled by the pleasantness of sound and melodies. Fortunately, Beth is and remain always that bad woman blues which words are sharp and the voice intense: she is able to penetrate our heart drilling our soul. Listening to her cannot be easy, it’s a painful experience that hurts, and not only for what she said but for the way she’s express herself completely finding a tuning with our darker emotions hitting the target.

After the listening of particular tracks as the sadly truth of “Sister Dear” and the guitar in flamenco style of “Spanish Lullabies”, we can find the ones that are the more meaningful and wonderful of the entire work: “Woman Down” is a powerful blues, deep and unforgettable, which make us understand how much Beth Hart is a strong woman with an indomitable temper: a real Blueswoman, as it’s showing “Thankful”, beautiful, sweety and, at the same time, mature.

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Life is a wonderful gift even if sometimes when you love too much, you feel too deeply the emotions, it hurts, seems to say Beth through an album with a core vary pop. Along with the entire production winds, indeed, a religious feeling with solemn sound, gospel who recall Baptist choirs. War In My Mind has something to say and how it does it is powerful and arrives at the string of the heart overtake every attempt to smooth the blade.


    • Bad Woman Blues
    • War In My Mind
    • Without Words In The Way
    • Let It Grow
    • Try A Little Harder
    • Sister Dear
    • Spanish Lullabies
    • Rub Me For Luck
    • Sugar Shack
    • Woman Down
    • Thankful
    • I Need A Hero


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